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From original concept to quality production
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Looking for an original booth? Amazing facilities? A cool design? The concepts and products created by K-One will help you surprise the public, offer them a unique experience and set yourself apart, while simplifying your life. K-One combines cutting-edge materials and techniques to provide you with original, practical and innovative solutions that reflect your company’s image. Sure to be noticed! Designers and architects who use K-One’s services are loyal clients. Our team brings your sketches to life by ensuring the production, finishing and installation of interior design elements. Our knowledge of materials, attention to detail and respect for limitations and deadlines guarantee you a quality product perfectly integrated into the surrounding space.

Contact Information

James P. Kennedy
Mailing Address:
2065, rue Parthenais Bureau 272
Quebec H2K 3T2

Tel: (514) 577-7752
Fax: (514) 223-1437

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