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Laboratoire M2
Powerful, natural disinfectant made from Thyme
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Laboratoire M2 is the lab which has developed this technology branded as Thymox.

Laboratoire M2 is renowned for its innovations and expertise in disinfection and safety. It owns and operates a state-of-the-art level 2 containment microbiology laboratory. It has developed a thymol-based disinfectant-cleaner formulation which is available for private labeling to distributors for institutional, agricultural, hospital and household use.

aboratoire M2 manufactures innovative disinfection products from its proprietary platform named Thymox Technology. Laboratoire M2 is also working on expanding its line of Thymox Technology products and applications.

Laboratoire M2′s R&D team is specifically working on disinfectant wipes for household surfaces, new concentrated disinfectants for industrial and institutional markets, and on new solutions for hoof care.

Contact Information

Serge Auray
Mailing Address:
4005A De La Garlock St
Quebec J1L 1W9

Tel: (866) 898-0697
Fax: (819) 562-5211

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