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Motif Textiles
unique textile pieces, combining drawing and paint
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Motif Textiles & Designs was founded by designer Sarah Stein, B.Des. in 2013. Motif's works include original creations for home decor, kitchen linens, and baby wear, as well as commissionable pieces.

All of Motif's works are produced as environmentally-friendly as possible, where natural fibres are used with water-based inks and weak acid dyes.

With a background in fine art and photography, I can produce original and commissionable artwork. With technical training in various paint and drawing mediums, print and paper-making, as well as woodwork, ceramics and metalwork, my work ranges from abstract to antique-inspired.

Contact Information

Sarah Stein
Mailing Address:
16 Winterport Crt
Ontario L4C 9V6

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