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Unicel Architectural Corp.
Manufacturer of Products: Vision Control
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At Unicel Architectural, we specialize in helping architects and facility owners build with natural daylight, enhancing building and energy performance through our innovative technology and refreshing ideas. With the help of our specialists, products become solutions and technology becomes a way of accomplishing daring visions. We have a proven record of successful projects because we know best how to articulate architects’ goals with facility managers’ expectations and their clients’ aspirations. Discover how we can assist you in achieving your building vision with the help of glass, aluminum and clear ideas.

Contact Information

Malinda Iordan – Mktg. Coordinator
Mailing Address:
2155 Fernand Lafontaine Blvd
Canada, J4G 2J4

Tel: +1 (450) 670-6844
Fax: +1 (450) 670-7144

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