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PDK Projects, Inc.
Rapid Analytical Solutions for Agriculture
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Our vision is that rapid analytical tools based on near-infrared spectroscopy are widely used for decision making in agriculture and the environment, for the betterment of quality of life and environmental health.

Mission: Meeting client needs in monitoring and protecting environmental quality through new and innovative applications of near-infrared spectroscopy and assisting in the evaluation and effective application of the technology to other needs. Offering customized education and consulting.

The company is flexible, innovative, forward-looking, and well-connected to the global NIRS community. Company principals have more than five decades of varied experience in NIRS (including many first-time applications), agricultural product quality, aquatic science, fisheries science, sustainable development, and global environmental issues.

PDK Projects, Inc. was incorporated in Manitoba, Canada in December 1997 and registered in British Columbia in July 1999. PDK Projects, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and an employer of youth.

Contact Information

Diane Malley
Mailing Address:
5072 Vista View Cres.
British Columbia V9V 1L6

Tel: (250) 751-8890
Fax: (250) 751-8225

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