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Natural Wood Wool for creative minds.
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Ramagex is a manufacturer of coloured and natural wood excelsior. We offer several different cuts of excelsior that vary in both width and thickness, which cater to the needs of our clients. For our coloured excelsior we use the ''PANTONE'' chart, which gives our clients the choice of 2000 colours. Our product is extremely versatile, being used in the casket industry as bedding, in gift baskets for its natural look an din both commercial and industrial packaging because of its superior protection and environmental qualities. Ramagex has developed a product that is similar to ''Spanish moss'', destined for the florist industry. As well companies that do both natural and artificial floral arrangements use this product. One of the growing markets is craft stores, selling our products in 2oz. bags. - Commercialization Activities by Geographical Sectors The majority of Ramagex`s sales are realized in Canada, particularly in Quebec and Ontario.

Contact Information

Derek Trott , Co-Owner
Mailing Address:
192 route 222
RACINE, Quebec
Canada, J0E 1Y0

Tel: +1 (450) 532-3212
Fax: +1 (450) 532-2742

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