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Slate Select, Inc.
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The development of Slate/Select is the product of extensive research combined with 20+ years experience in the cement matrix and construction industry.

Slate/Select is a proprietary cement matrix with reinforcing non-alkaline glass fibers. This produces a material with great strength and durability in all climate conditions. Cast in moulds made from pieces of natural slate, it appears identical to real slate --even up close!

Not all fiber cement roofing is created equal. Some manufactures use cellulose (wood) fibers which can expand and contract in rain and adverse weather conditions. Slate/Select uses glass fibers, therefore it can withstand the most severe climate conditions. It has obtained a Class A Fire Rating and is integrally colored throughout with iron oxide pigments that are UV resistant.

All Slate/Select is produced at our 35,000 sq .ft. facility, where product quality is monitored by Omega Point Labs. Slate/Select has been selected as one of "The Top 100 Building Products" by readers of Building Products & Builder Magazine for several years in a row.

Slate/Select proudly offers a product that blends perfectly the beauty of natural slate with the state of the art technology. The color variations offer countless design choices. This combined with tested superior durability creates THE MOST ELEGANT YET PRACTICAL ROOFING PRODUCT ON THE MARKET TODAY!

Contact Information

Art Allen - Owner
Mailing Address:
3162 Miller Park Drive North
Garland, TX 75042

Tel: +1 (972) 276-2000
Fax: +1 (972) 272-6400

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