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Hearth & Home Modular System
Build a Modular House in One Day
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This simple but revolutionary design of factory built interlocking composite concrete panels-Flex-Strong Panels™-enable the construction of a house in a day using standard hand tools.

Flex-Strong Panels™ + 3 men + 5 hand tools = 1 house

The proprietary Flex-Strong Panels™ are fireproof, moisture proof, decomposition proof, have an R-19 thermal rating, are  impact resistant, seismic resistant and low cost. Adaptable designs can begin as emergency housing and with minimum labor and materials, be expanded and upgraded to full living quarters.

H&H Modular can be used on larger buildings such as schools, farm buildings, community buildings and barracks.

Contact Information

Elyse Eriksson - CGBP
Mailing Address:
9603 Hilldale Dr.
Dallas, TX 75231

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