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Nebraska Plastics, Inc.
Environment Friendly Fence, Deck & Rail products
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Nebraska Plastics, Inc. began manufacturing irrigation pipe during World War II. Due to the war effort, aluminum was impossible to get. New, experimental plastic materials were available -- and thus, by default, we became a plastics company. It was a fortunate turn of events because irrigation tubes manufactured from plastic materials provided surprising benefits; they were resistant to farm chemicals, fertilizers, rust, rot, and electrolytic corrosion. The stickler with those early plastic materials was their intolerance to ultra-violet rays. They were tougher than nails in the shade, but wimps in the sunshine.

Scientific discovery, advanced technology, and product development at Nebraska Plastics, Inc. have come a long way in 68 years since we began.

Major growth was accomplished when we refined formulations using polyvinyl chloride resins and state-of-the-art additives. These amazingly inert materials were tougher than anything we had seen. Fertilizers, farm chemicals, and electrolysis didn't phase them. They weren't brittle in cold weather and they retained their flexibility . . . they did not dent, crack, or shatter. But, most amazingly, when these materials were subjected to laboratory tests, weather accelerations, and field trials conducted under the most exacting conditions, these challengers, born of science, thumbed their noses at Ol' Sol.

Many are aware of the natural advantages of Country Estate products that include freedom from traditional maintenance and increased property value. Beyond those advantages, Country Estate products are the environmentally friendly alternative to other building materials. Country Estate Fence, Deck and Rail utilize only the finest ingredients resulting in a finished product that is far superior to other products on the market today.

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Rex German - President
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 45
Cozad, NE 69130

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