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Paraclipse, Inc.
Manufacturer of Automated Insect Control Systems
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Who is Paraclipse?

Paraclipse®, a leading manufacturer of Commercial/Industrial flytraps, is located in Columbus, Nebraska. The business started in 1985 manufacturing satellite antennas. In 1993 another division was started to concentrate on developing and manufacturing specially designed flytraps. The product line consists of the Insect Inn Ultra™, Paraclipse Terminator™, Paraclipse Fly Patrol™, and Paraclipse Mosquito Eliminator™. All units are patented and use our exclusive auto-advancing cartridge system.

Paraclipse is a leading supplier of ultraviolet fly control systems that are safer than traditional bug zappers, fly zappers, and other styles of electric fly killers. Our Unique Capture Cartridge is unmatched in the industry for its effectiveness as a fly trapper, mosquito trapper and insect trapper.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our products or if you would like more information.

Contact Information

Ronald Lambert - Chairman
Mailing Address:
2271 East 29th Ave
Columbus, NE 68601

Tel: +1 (402) 563-3625
Fax: +1 (402) 564-2109

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