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Fabric Wallmount Systems, Inc.
Manufacturer of Fabric Wall Upholstery System
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In the late 1970's the WALLMATE® system was designed and developed to meet several needs:

    Make wall upholstery competitive with paint, paneling and wallpaper.
    Allow fabric as a design and decorative medium to cross over to "cover" an entirely new market direction --walls!
    Reduce the cost and expertise of doing professional wall upholstery, or create a "clean finish" without the use of staples or welting.
    Make the product user friendly.
    Make the product an industry leader in tensioning fabric.
    Make the system re-useable.
    Make the system available to all members of the design community.

Why WALLMATE®  and Why Fabric?

WALLMATE®  secures fabrics of all kinds to a variety of wall surfaces. The WALLMATE®  "FABRIC INTERLOCK™" is an industry exclusive which holds, tensions, locks, releases fabric... and then is able to be re-used when desired.

The fabric Industry is discovering that WALLMATE®  is the key to a vast new market occupied exclusively by paint, paneling and wallpaper. Walls have virtually been untouched by fabric. Now fabric on walls is a simple, economic reality and a multi-billion dollar opportunity for the trade.

Acoustical Design Professionals have discovered that WALLMATE®  is the perfect method for completing an acoustical wall finish as tuning and adjustments of acoustical elements behind the fabric remain accessible.

Contact Information

Milton Morris - President
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 572134
Tarzana, CA 91357

Tel: +1 (818) 772-7770
Fax: +1 (818) 772-7775

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