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Pod Pack International, Ltd.
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Pod Pack strives to be the most innovative manufacturer of espresso pods, 1-Cup pods, and other similar single cup delivery systems, such as cartridges, in North America. Pod Pack relies on its superior customer service, its focus on quality, and its continuous process improvements to insure 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.

As Pod Pack continues diversification into new, innovative packaging services, it builds on a record of past success and experience. Our multiple lines of specialty packaging services are built around a professional quality assurance program executed by our experienced and dedicated staff. We can provide samples with your product, as well as comprehensive training and education programs. We also offer pod adaptor baskets that will adapt most commercial espresso machines for espresso pods.

For additional information about Pod Pack International, LTD. and Pods for home use, or about its private label specialty packaging services, please contact us.

Contact Information

Bill Powell - President/CEO
Mailing Address:
11800 Industriplex Blvd., Suite 9
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Tel: +1 (225) 752-1160
Fax: +1 (225) 752-1163

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