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PPI Systems Inc. (Process Photonics)
Photonics for Manufacturing
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Process Photonics is an innovative supplier of custom and standard, laser-based, material processing systems for PCB, Electronics Assembly, and Medical Device Industries. The company is uniquely positioned to address these opportunities with expertise in optics, motion and vision systems, part handling and integration of OEM equipment into industrially robust stand-alone machines. Current standard product offerings include systems for circuit board via drilling, flex circuit processing, general high-precision material removal, as well as machines for medical component manufacture. Customers benefit from Process Photonics’ extensive experience in light and material interactions in the development of custom manufacturing solutions. Our latest generation products include the integration of test capability to verify processing performance with visual inspection, precision measurement, and electrical parameter test.

Contact Information

Ed Williams - Business Manager
Mailing Address:
1051 Baxter Road, Unit 21
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K2C 3P2

Tel: +1 (613) 236-8359
Fax: +1 (613) 248-4820

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