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Rockland Manufacturing
Rockland excavator equipment gets the job done
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For over sixty years, we have designed and manufactured construction equipment for dozers, loaders, excavators, and motor graders. Every Rockland product is designed for a specific application and is guaranteed to improve machine productivity.

During those sixty years, Rockland made several unique contributions to the construction equipment industry. We helped prove that wheel loaders could handle shot rock by designing and manufacturing the first spade nose rock bucket ever put in a quarry.

The unique Rockland RF-3 Rake was proven and patented in the late 50's. This was the first land clearing rake to have both reversible and adjustable teeth. We then amazed the construction equipment industry by offering the first lifetime guarantee. We guaranteed the RF-3 for life against any failure from defective design, materials, or workmanship and that even included bent teeth!

In an industry plagued by broken promises and late deliveries, Rockland was the first, and is still, the only construction equipment manufacturer that puts cash on the line and guarantees ship dates!

During the past decade, Rockland set the standard for excavator thumb design. We were the first to offer narrow thumbs for common sense 3-point pickup. We were the first to offer thumbs ready to install - all that is needed is to weld the mounting plate to the bottom of the stick. We were the first to offer lubricated and sealed pivot points. Then, we were the first to offer a hydraulic thumb with a cylinder rod guard. These were followed by the patented Rockland Thumb Lock that eliminates down drift.

We also proved to the world that stump splitters don't need to be expensive - we proved that you can split stumps without an expensive auxiliary cylinder, and that all it takes is to use the tremendous force of the curl cylinder to split wood.

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Samuel Pratt - Sales Manager
Mailing Address:
152 Weber Ln
Bedford, PA 15522

Tel: +1 (814) 623-1115
Fax: +1 (814) 623-7214

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