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Mine Shield, LLC
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Mine Shield, LLC was established in 2007 based on a desire to make a difference in the safety equipment industry. Early on, founding member and CEO, Connie Hendren was approached by the Mine Safety Director, under Governor Fletcher’s administration, stating that the federal government was going to mandate safer refuge chambers for mines. This stood out to Mr. Hendren as an opportunity to let his passion fuel a product that would save lives, and soon after, the Guardian Refuge Chamber emerged into the market.

Since that time, hundreds of Guardians have been manufactured by a group of focused on excellence. These skilled employees include AWS and KY DOT certified welders that create leak proof, explosion proof, and fire proof containers while meeting strict client- oriented deadlines.

Throughout the life of Mine Shield, LLC the Research and Development department has been testing and working towards MSHA certification. At the end of 2013, Mine Shield received approvals for their Breathable Air, Harmful Gas Removal, and Gas Monitoring components. Extensive testing has also been completed on the 2018 structural component, poising Mine Shield to be the first company to achieve all 4 required approvals for certification.

Mine Shield sees the value of making products that look to the future. That attitude starts with upper management and is carried throughout our facility by the employees. Mine Shield continues to look for innovative technologies to integrate into our chambers to ensure our clients have the safest units possible. We strive to be the best because lives are at stake.

Contact Information

Connie Hendren - CEO
Mailing Address:
322 Crab Orchard Street
Lancaster, KY 40444

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