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Perma-Type Rubber
Manufacturer of Quality Industrial &Medical Rubber
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Perma-Type. Prompt. Professional. Courteous.
50,000 Square Feet of Manufacturing Space

Mfrs. Of Inflatable Pipe Plugs / Inflatable Bungs For Oil or Gas Pipelines, Inflatable Bladders, Expansion Tank Bladders, Air Bags, Blood-Pressure Bulbs; Bulb With Bladder Assemblies; Bulbs With Tubing; Double-Valve Bulbs; Special-Style Custom Bulbs; Latex, PVC & Neoprene Bulbs; Valves & Connectors Available Incl. PUSH-BUTTON Air Release Valves & Turn-Type Valves (Metal & Plastic). Heavy-Duty Gas Analysis Bags. Sleeves, X-Ray Compression Bladders, Lumbar Bladders. Custom Fabrications, Latex-Free Compounds Upon Request, Prototypes & Production Quantities

Manufacturers of inflatable pipe plugs, bungs, expansion plugs, purge plugs, duct plugs, piping isolation products for applications including: global oil and gas, power generation, nuclear power, hydroelectric, steam and gas turbines, chemical plants, refineries, petrochemical & pipeline, pipe repair & maintenance, FME (Foreign Material Exclusion), Foreign Object Damage, Foreign Object Debris (FOD products), industrial safety, environmental, mining, welding pulp and paper, as well as the marine and offshore industries.

We are proud to provide the highest quality products combined with low prices, fast delivery, a large inventory, and toll-free ordering. Our friendly, courteous, and professional staff is always ready to answer your inquiries.

Contact Information

Mark Tulin - Owner
Mailing Address:
83 Northwest Drive
Plainville, CT 06062

Tel: +1 (860) 747-9999
Fax: +1 (860) 747-1986

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