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Rapha Care
Global Access for all Your Needs
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Rapha Care came into existence in 2010. Over these past few years, we have established ourselves as a Trustworthy, Customer friendly leading global suppliers of Valves, Pipes and fittings, delivering our goods to the Oil and Gas, Chemical, Pulp and Paper, Mining, Power, Water and Waste Water, Manufacturing and Marine industries.

By the combination of wide range of valves and supplying wide variety of customers in the industry, we are been trusted as a leading global supplier for best in quality and best in price and on time delivery.

We are committed to provide and supply high quality, cost effective goods and services that promises to meet the requirements and fulfill the expectations of clients in Oil and Gas, Chemical, Pulp&Paper, Water and Waste Water , and many more industries.

Rapha Care aims to provide products that are manufactured at exceptional quality, priced very competitively and continue to build on a solid integral relationship with all of our Customers, Manufacturers and Distributors.

Contact Information

Malcolm Ponnayan
Mailing Address:
1007-3300 Don Mills Rd
Ontario M2J 4X7

Tel: (416) 738-6624
Fax: (647) 344-5781

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