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Anivac Corporation
Animal Bathing Systems
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Systems are an entirely new way of looking at the issue of dirt on an animaWelcome to Anivac - animal bathing systems Clean your animal twice as well in half the time! Clean your animal the easy, portable, mess-free way without using volumes of water - up to 90% water savings! Anivac's patented nozzles deep clean from the skin up, removing dirt and hair, leaving a clean glossy coat. Anivac’s Vacuum Bathing l, and how to get that dirt out! Anivac systems actually clean from the skin up instead of the top down, are virtually mess free, can be used in winter with only common sense precautions, and the groom stays dry! Using your Anivac will enable you to get ALL the dirt out and will drastically cut your grooming chore. Anivac is ideal for: Horse owners Dog owners Commercial stables Commerical kennels Veterinarians Cattle owners

Contact Information

Donna Dixon - Manager
Mailing Address:
8-484 Plains Road E
Canada, L7T 2E1

Tel: +1 (905) 690-4416
Fax: +1 (905) 690-6042

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