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Majestic Drug Co., Inc.
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Majestic Drug Company was incorporated in 1950 as a wholesaler and distributor of pharmaceutical necessities.

In 1960, Sam Fishman — who brought with him Youthair®, an innovative hair coloring for men — bought Majestic. By 1965, Majestic had become a manufacturer and distributor of its own health and beauty care products.

Sales of Majestic products continued to increase, causing a need for additional management personnel. To that end, Larry Fishman was brought onboard in 1970 as Vice President.

Sales continued to grow and, in 1978, the Red Fox® line of Cocoa Butter products was introduced. In 1979 Dentemp®, the first temporary dental filling mix for consumers was launched. A line of professional hair care products for beauty salons was also introduced. In the 1980s, Larry Fishman was appointed President.

All product lines continued to grow throughout the 80s and into the 90s. In 1993, in an effort to concentrate on the burgeoning niche OTC Oral Care products market, Majestic sold its hair coloring and professional hair care product lines. With its focus firmly set on this new oral care market, Majestic launched several new products including Dentemp® O.S., a no mix version of Dentemp. In addition Majestic entered the sexual enhancement category with Mandelay®, a climax control gel for men.

The ensuing years saw the introduction of D.O.C.® Denture Repair Kit (now Repair-It®) for broken dentures and denture teeth, KutKit® Styptic Swabs (now KutKit® Styps®) for shaving nicks, minor cuts and scrapes, Recapit® specifically for loose caps, and cherry flavored Refilit® specifically for lost fillings.

In 2005 Majestic bought Sword Floss®, the original disposable floss/pick and introduced D.O.C.® Denture Wipes, a totally innovative product designed to remove sticky denture adhesive from gums, palate and dentures instantly.

In 2007, Majestic brought two new products into its lineup: Dentool® Jr., a 2-in-1 professional quality dental tool including a scraper and a pick, and Femystique®, a sexual arousal gel for women. In 2008 Majestic introduced Proxi-Plus®, a totally unique combination of an interdental brush and a flosser.

More recently, Reline-It®, a premium denture reliner, was introduced to compliment Repair-It®, and the entire denture line has been repackaged to create a cohesive "Dentist on Call®" (D.O.C.) family of products. The Proxi-Plus® has also been repackaged to now include thirty (30) hygienic brushes, a full month's supply.

In 2011, Majestic became a third generation company when David Fishman was introduced as Vice President. Shortly after David's arrival at Majestic, the newest addition to the Majestic oral care family of products began development. In early 2013 Majestic introduced its newest innovation. SenzAway® is a tooth desensitizer that offers instant relief from tooth sensitivity due to cold, sweets and heat. Just one application puts tooth sensitivity to sleep for a minimum of 3 months.

For over 60 years, Majestic has promoted a family atmosphere, and is proud to say that the majority of its employees have been with the company over 10 years. Majestic's commitment to providing innovative and high quality products at reasonable prices, supported by professional and caring customer service, continues to be the cornerstone of its growth.

Contact Information

Lawrence Fishman - Owner
Mailing Address:
4996 Main St. (Route 42)
South Fallsburg, NY 12779

Tel: +1 (845) 436-0011
Fax: +1 (845) 436-0022

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