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Health Essist
Health Essist Natural Patches
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HEALTH ESSIST HOLDINGS, INC. has succesfully developed a cutting-edge line of ALL NATURAL products using Edible dissolving film to deliver our carefully hand picked natural ingredients. This is achieved either orally- buccally (inner cheek of the mouth), or Sublingual (under the tongue).

Through our research and development coupled in conjunction with top botanical professionals, we have harnessed our scientific team to provide the highest quality vitamins, supplements and minerals to develop and deliver high quality and performance products to the retail trade and public. Recognizing the needs for tight controls over the raw materials used within our blends, we have sourced all of our materials from start to finish within the USA. This allows Health essist Holdings, Inc. to have 100% control over the procurement process and to offer lot to lot consistency from product to product.

Our products are developed and manufactured in one the highest quality rated FDA certified pharmaceutical grade facilities in the USA! Each of our product blends are tested by an outside independent laboratory to verify the absence of foreign agents such as lead & pesticides. Each and every batch is manufactured under strict conditions as laid out in FDA CFR2111 as of June 2010 for vitamins, supplements and minerals. Each batch is biologically tested and certified "suitable for human consumption" these measures have been put in place to assure the quality of the products and to provide confidence to the consumers that Health essist Holdings, Inc offers quality and safe products made in the USA!

Our products contain no pharmaceutical drugs of any kind.

We encourage our customers to RECYCLE the materials used in our packaging.

It has been widely recognized that Edible Film strips offer a simple and safe solution to breath freshening. Health essist Holdings, Inc.  has now expanded this format to deliver many natural benefits.

All of our formulations are proprietary blends. Our goal is to enhance and expand the edible film delivery method to include other types of vitamin and supplement combinations dealing with wellness and good health.

Contact Information

Tommy Lasorda - Manager
Mailing Address:
18377 Beach Blvd Suite 215
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Tel: +1 (888) 564.4111
Fax: +1 (310) 362.8603

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