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Appolos Inc
Manufacturer of Premium Hair Care Products
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BIOGEM hair care products are specially designed to solve problems from hair loss, thinning hair, damaged hair, discoloration and dandruff. Therefore, after an exhausting research in sunny southern California, we formulated an optimum hair care system that combines the best of both science and nature.

BIOGEM ultimate hair care products are made with organic and exotic plant extracts. They provide minerals, vitamins and enriched nourishment into the scalp and give hair their natural beauty and vitality.

All BIOGEM hair care product ingredients are approved by USCTFA and homogenized under the most exacting conditions and precise temperatures the same as a pH balanced product with a low irritation formula which is perfect for your hair. The use of BIOGEM has been found to promote blood circulation and has anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties.

BIOGEM hair care products have passed inspection by the Japan FDA which has one of the most strict regulations in the world. It means BIOGEM products have less chemicals and does not contain harmful preservative like Paraben,which is still used in U.S.A., Europe and other countries.

We have paved the way to export BIOGEM hair care products to Japan in 2006,earlier than U.S.A. sales. They are now sold all over the U.S.A. on, in pharmacies, beauty supplies and super market chains in New York, Los Angeles, and Hawaii.

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Mailing Address:
3345 E Miraloma Ave #130
Anaheim, CA 92806

Tel: +1 (714) 524-6974
Fax: +1 (714) 524-6964

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