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Kathy Dallas Cosmetic Corp.
Wholesale Aloe Vera Based Cosmetics & Skin Care
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Our factory is the oldest and largest manufacturer of Aloe Vera based products in the USA and has been for over 40 years. All Kathy Dallas products contain 20% to 45% Aloe Vera as the base ingredient instead of water. We then add up to 26 additional ingredients to make each product unique and effective for its specific use. Our chemist is continually creating and improving our products with the newest and best ingredients available, natural & botanical.

Important facts about our parent company:

    Our factory is the oldest and largest manufacturer of Aloe Vera-based products in the USA since 1975
    We have over 60 greenhouses where Aloe Vera plants are organically cultivated
    Starting with 1 great product (KD-12 Skin Repair Cream & Moisturizer) over 25 years ago, the Kathy Dallas Company has grown to 11 branded lines of products and many unique and effective products within each brand.
    Kathy Dallas Company has a great team of chemists to develop special products that you might need for your customers.

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Contact Information

Ray Hewitt - Chairman & CEO
Mailing Address:
6910 Apple Valley Lane
Houston, TX 77069

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