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FaceLube Automotive
Manufactures Men's Skin Care & Anti-Aging Products
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The FaceLube® line of men's grooming products is the best premium, results-based masculine men's skin care and men's anti-aging technology in the world. When you simply must have the best, look no further than FaceLube®. When you need gift ideas on unique and unusual birthday gifts for husband, boyfriend, or the special him in your life, FaceLube is the place to be.

FaceLube® is:

    Winner of the Competition For the Highly Coveted Title:
    'The Official & Exclusive Men's Skin Care of The Ellen DeGeneres Show' (2012-13 season)
    As Seen On: 'Dancing With The Stars' & Hallmark Channle Original Series 'The Marie Osmond Show'
    Effective - No Gimmicks. No Hype. Results Don't Lie
    Easy to Use - No Hassle, No Mess, No Spills
    Eco-Friendly - No Paraben, No Sulfate, No Dyes/Fragrances, No Silicones/PEG, No Oxybenzone
    Designed for Masculine Men - FaceLube® Speaks Your Language
    Quality You Can Count On - World Class Credentials Behind Every Bottle
    Exceptional Value For Your Money - Unprecedented Buying Power at Your Service
    Comfortable, Convenient Retail Experience - No Hassle. No Pressure
    An Excellent Gift For Men

Think of FaceLube®'s line of men's grooming, men's anti-aging skin care, men's face creams and men’s anti-aging shaving kits like Premium Synthetic Motor Oil for the price of conventional motor oil. No unnecessary bulk and fillers - just the latest anti-aging technology and top notch ingredients.

Unlike a car, you can't trade up your masculine face for a newer model. But when you put Your Face on a Maintenance Schedule with FaceLube's Ultra Masculine Men's Grooming & Men's Skin Care products, you will keep your face looking its masculine best for many years to come!

Contact Information

Candace Chen - Owner
Mailing Address:
3710 Avalon Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90011-5660

Tel: +1 (323) 235-2000

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