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Collection 2000 Cosmetics, Inc.
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Evolving our style for over 47 years Collection 2000® cosmetics, Inc.  has proven its quality, uniqueness and the excellence of our products. Our worldwide recognition has made us stand out from the competition.

Counting with numerous distributors in every continent we are proud of our quality and thousands of satisfied customers. From makeup, talc, lotions, perfumes, to deodorants and body sprays all made in the United States, our wide selection of items allows our customers to have a quality product at an affordable price.

HOMBRE®, HOMBRE NOIRE®, COLLECTION 2000®, Dynasty Collection®, Magnum® and Magnum Blue® and TENZER are all register trademarks of Collection 2000 Cosmetics, Inc..

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Contact Information

Patricia Blasser - Business Development Manager
Mailing Address:
1503 N.W. 82nd Avenue
Doral, FL 33126

Tel: +1 (305) 599-2000
Fax: +1 (786) 845-8388

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