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IZUN Oral Care
Innovative Gum Disease Treatment Products
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When Dr. Bill Levine and team founded Izun Pharmaceuticals Corporation in 2000, their initial goal was to develop an effective natural remedy for periodontal disease. In this quest, they succeeded in creating proprietary, botanically-based gum disease treatments. It soon became clear that their botanically- based formula and innovative extraction processes could be adapted to create new products that could treat a broad range of inflammatory diseases.

The control and management of inflammation and tissue repair are a major medical challenge. A wide range of medical conditions involve inflammation and damaged tissue: products that aid in their treatment are currently in great demand and form the basis of a multi-billion dollar market. However, most existing treatments provide, at best, partial relief and limited healing capacity.

Izun Pharmaceuticals Corp. is now dedicated to developing effective drugs and OTC products that will address the problem of inflammation and tissue repair in a variety of ways. They are specifically investigating demonstrably and clinically-effective natural treatments that will augment, enhance and improve upon current inflammation and tissue repair products through the use of the pharmacologically active compounds found in botanical sources.

Applications for Izun’s natural products are wide: they could potentially include dermatological, surgical and basic wound care; oncological support; women’s health; digestive and gastrointestinal issues. At present, IzunOralcare’s numerous innovative, botanically-derived products are in different stages of development, from patent application to clinical trials. Izun currently has eight patents in its portfolio, five of which have been granted.

Reliability is crucial to the development of innovative, high-quality natural products. In order to ensure that product quality is maintained at all levels, Izun has designed and implemented an overall quality assurance system that functions at every stage, from research and development to marketing and customer service. Verification and control of product quality are maintained through continuous assessment and the use of fully documented procedures and records.

Izun closely monitors changes to local and international requirements and standards so that they can be adapted and adhered to promptly. An internal audit program is routinely carried out to verify correct implementation of all procedures and their compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 requirements.

Izun employees–and their knowledge, experience and professionalism–are key to Izun’s success. Whether in the office or the lab, every member of the staff is encouraged to strive for professional excellence. To this end, Izun conducts regular training for its employees to improve understanding of and involvement in all aspects of the Izun environment.

Izun’s products have the potential to capitalize on multi-billion dollar opportunities in the pharmaceutical and OTC markets, as well as to offer multiple options with regard to regulatory filings. Izun is a US corporation incorporated under the laws of Delaware, with a wholly-owned Jerusalem-based R&D subsidiary employing a staff of 17. In addition to an experienced and accomplished management team, Izun is supported by a world-class Board of Directors and team of scientific advisors and key opinion leaders.

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Jack Talley - CEO
Mailing Address:
1 Rockefeller Plaza, 11th Fl
New York, NY 10020

Tel: +1 (212) 618-6357

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