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Izun Pharmaceuticals Corp.
An emerging biopharmaceutical company
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Izun Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is an emerging biopharmaceutical company with a product portfolio of powerful non-steroidal topical oral anti-inflammatory therapies with superior efficacy and safety to current periodontal treatments.

The Company’s core technology utilizes naturally derived pharmaceutical actives for the treatment of oral disease with inflammatory components. The novel therapies contain multiple synergistic metabolites and multiple therapeutic effects. The Company follows a market driven product development strategy focusing on multi-billion dollar markets with unmet medical needs for effective oral therapeutics. Izun Pharmaceuticals’ research and development pipeline provides innovative products suitable for a wide range of oral health care needs, from O.T.C. through prescription medicines based on combination plant extracts.

Izun has launched two oral care products, one aimed at the professional dental care market and one for the OTC market. Two additional oral care products will be introduced worldwide for the OTC market in the coming year.

Izun has recently concluded a double-blinded placebo controlled Phase II clinical trial for the treatment of non-healing wounds. Izun is also currently conducting a second double-blinded placebo controlled Phase II clinical trial for the prevention of oral mucositis, a common side effect of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Izun is a US corporation incorporated under the laws of Delaware, with a wholly-owned Jerusalem-based R&D subsidiary employing a staff of 17. In addition to an experienced and accomplished management team, Izun is supported by a world-class Board of Directors and team of scientific advisors and key opinion leaders.

Contact Information

William Levine - President & CEO
Mailing Address:
One Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020

Tel: +1 (212) 618-6357
Fax: +1 (212) 618-6309

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