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Grocery food items and Health & Beauty products
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CLP Group LLC was created in the year 2,000  as a US based LLC.  CLP Group LLC functions as a company that distributes grocery food items and health and beauty products on a global basis.

CLP Group is one of the Largest Grocery Food Exporters in the USA. We carry Thousands of  different products. We buy large quantities and sell at low wholesale Prices. We carry over 35,000 Grocery Store Items. We supply all dry Food Products including, canned vegetables, canned meats, Juices, Cereals, Pastas etc., cookies, candies and snacks. Deli Products, Frozen Foods, including Meats, Health and Beauty Items, Pharmaceutical Products , and much! much! more.  

We Supply all US Brand Name Items and a Quality Privately Label  Product in all Food Categories. We ship mixed containers, as much as you need of each item.


Our Non Brand Name Items are produced by the same quality manufacturers as our USA Brand Name Products. They are also made with similar quality ingredients. However, we are able to sell these quality products at very competitive prices.

We have many of the same Brand categories ranging from Dry Food Products, Canned Items, Frozen Food Items, Health and Beauty Items and many more. We also have produce items for customers that can receive shipments within 14 days.

If you are looking for competitive quality products these items may work for you.

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Mailing Address:
107 E. 17th. Street, Suite #80
Cheyenne, WY 82001

Tel: +1 (404) 345-1703

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