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Momzelle inc.
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Our mission is to help mothers achieve a positive breastfeeding experience and feel confident breastfeeding anywhere.  Nothing makes us feel better than a mom who tells us that she did not think that she could feel so confident and comfortable nursing her child. 

Supporting Breastfeeding Moms

We are proud to be encouraging and helping breastfeeding moms as much as we can. We have sponsored breastfeeding events across North America: the yearly breastfeeding challenge, breastfeeding coalitions' activities, La Leche League events, etc. We have also donated nursing tops to women centres like the June Calwood Centre for women and families that help teenage mothers bring out the best in them and discover their great mothering potential.

Contact Information

Vincent Poirier
Mailing Address:
1255 Bélanger St
Quebec H2S 1J1

Tel: (866) 941-5109

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