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NSC Minerals Ltd.
Salt processing plant and truck loading
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NSC Minerals Ltd is a leading supplier of industrial mineral products specializing in bulk and packaged rock salt.

NSC Minerals was established in 1988. The company's growth is a result of 3 key factors: (1) the ever-expanding spectrum of products offered (2) a stead-fast commitment to providing a high quality product at a competitive price and (3) strategically located bulk storage facilities.

NSC Minerals Ltd has two modern operating plants with a daily production capacity in excess of 6,000 tonnes of salt crystals, located at Rocanville and Vanscoy, SK Canada. The Rocanville Plant is located in southeast Saskatchewan near the Manitoba border and the Vanscoy Plant is located in central Saskatchewan approximately 40 kilometers southwest of Saskatoon.

Our bulk products are used for a variety of applications such as: Highway De-icing, Livestock Feed Supplements, Hide Curing, Drilling Muds, Water Softening, Road Stabilization, and Industrial Applications.

Our packaged ice melter products are used in a variety of consumer and industrial applications.

Contact Information

Jaime DeKelver
Mailing Address:
2241 Speers Ave
Saskatchewan S7L 5X6

Tel: (306) 934-6477
Fax: (306) 242-0178

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