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Yes Biotech Laboratories Ltd.
Antibodies for Anybody
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Anogen - trade name of Yes Biotech Laboratories Ltd., a Canadian biopharmaceutical company located in Ontario, Canada. We have been producing antibody products for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications for more than twenty-five years. Our broad technology platform enables us to design and develop a variety of products including monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, immunoassay kits, matched antibody pairs, immunoglobulin, bioactive peptides, recombinant proteins and humanized monoclonal antibodies with high producers. We distribute our products world widely. Our name is a recognized quality supplier to many large antibody syndicates and suppliers.

We are committed to developing and commercializing antibody-related therapeutics and diagnostics to combat various diseases including inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Anogen's major project is advancing a New Bio-Defense Strategy to prevent "Cytokine Storm" using their anti-cytokine antibodies.

To ensure that our customers are provided with the highest level of quality products and services, we have registered under the international organization for standards. We are certified ISO 13485 Medical Devices under the general practice of the ISO 9001 Quality System.


Contact Information

Connie Tsao – Executive Assistant
Mailing Address:
23-2355 Derry Rd. E.
Canada, L5S 1V6

Tel: +1 (905) 677-9221
Fax: +1 (905) 677-0023

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