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Agat Laboratories Ltd.
Laboratory Solutions for Environmental, Energy, Mi
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AGAT Laboratories is a highly specialized, Canadian-based company that provides laboratory services worldwide. With over 30 years of experience, coast to coast locations and over 1,200 employees Canada-wide, AGAT Laboratories is the most geographically and technically diversified laboratory in Canada. Our scientists are highly skilled and specialized in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, geology, engineering and specialty analysis. Committed to local communities, AGAT Laboratories aims to maintain our mission statement in delivering "Service Beyond Analysis".

AGAT Laboratories’ operations encompass 12 scientific divisions to offer full-service solutions to multiple industry types within the Environmental, Energy, Mining, Industrial, Transportation, Agri-Food and Life Sciences sectors.

AGAT Laboratories specializes in the following scientific areas:

Environmental Chemistry

Ultra-trace and Toxicology

Agricultural Analysis

Food Testing

Geology and Petrology

Reservoir Characterization

Air Quality Monitoring

Petroleum Testing Services

Oilsands Analysis

Routine Core

Mining Geochemistry

Lubricants Testing Services

AGAT Laboratories’ network of laboratory locations provides full geographic coverage for the most cost-effective and timely analysis in Canada. We are proud to set the standard for the laboratory industry, pursuing creative, accurate and defensible solutions to your complex analytical requests.

Choose AGAT Laboratories and experience “Service Beyond Analysis” today.

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
2910 12 St NE
Alberta T2E 7P7

Tel: (403) 735-2005
Fax: (403) 735-2771

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