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Bystat International Inc
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Founded in 1983, Bystat had the mission to become a major player in the ESD world. Today we offer an extensive range of products which form your front line defence in the war against ESD.

Bystat is recognized for its flexibility, its innovation and its capability to find or develop your most discriminating demands. Our line of products is one of the most complete in the marketplace.

It is split in ten families of products as follows:

- Personal Protection: Wrist straps, Heel grounders and Conductive garments

- Workstation products: Mats & runners, Floor antifatigue mats, Grounding accessories, PVC & rubber mats

- Chemicals Products: Paint, Floor Maintenace, Cleaners and Hand lotion

- Packaging: Sheilding Bags, Films & tubings, Shipping containers, Conductive & dissipative foams

- Flooring: Conductive & dissipative tiles and sheeting, Clean room floor, Conductive glue

- Office: Binders, Page protectors, Dissipative papers, Tape & Labels

- Handling & Storage: Cabinets, Bins, PCB handling, Tote boxes, Storage box

- Ionization: Guns, blowers & bars for electronics & clean room application, Industrial guns & bars

- Test & Measurement Equipment: Grounding testers, Audit kits, Field & Resistance testers, Monitoring & Simulators

- Ergonomic Equipment: Workbenches, ESD chairs, Carts & Cabinets, Vacuum sealers 

Contact Information

Rejean Dion
Mailing Address:
2630 Sabourin St
Quebec H4S 1M2

Tel: (514) 333-8880
Fax: (450) 218-2825

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