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Finecast Limited
High Precision Machining
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FINECAST Limited provides custom manufacturing of small to medium size high precision dies, tools, fixtures and gauges and has extensive expertise in specialized machining of small, highly complex components of various alloys, such as Kovar,Titanium, Inconel, Invar, Aluminum and materials such as Ceramics,Graphite and Plastics. FINECAST has been supplying the semiconductor, aerospace, military, medical and telecommunication industries with high quality products since 1974. During these years FINECAST has earned the reputation as a Quality Supplier in the industry and has been recognized as such by many multinational companies for outstanding performance in quality, service and reliability. Certification : ISO 9001:2000 Certificate No. 412/97 SGS Canada Inc.

Contact Information

Kathleen Park – Sales & Mktg Manager
Mailing Address:
208 Migneron St
Canada, H4T 1Y7

Tel: +1 (514) 331-0322
Fax: +1 (514) 331-0261

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