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ITSI-Biosciences, LLC
Developer of Kits for Biomedical Research
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ITSI-BIOSCIENCES (ITSIBIO) is a leading developer of ready-to-use kits for biomedical research. We also provide fast, accurate and affordable genomics, proteomics and mass spectrometry services using state-of-the-art technologies. Through strategic relationships between ITSIBIO and a number of reputable companies, our clients may also have access to QuantiGene products, custom ELISA kits, DNA/protein arrays and products for DNA storage at room temperature at a special price.

Our Mission

To provide state-of-the-art bioanalytical solutions to the global scientific community. ITSI-Biosciences will help its partners succeed by providing the highest quality service at a competitive price and turn-around time.

Corporate values

ITSIBIO strictly maintains good laboratory practices (GLP) and operates in accordance with the highest expected standards of education, quality assurance, quality control and safety. ITSIBIO fosters a climate that encourages innovation, dedication, hard work and diligence amongst staff and constantly rewards staff accordingly.

Who we serve

ITSIBIO was specifically established to provide integrated genomics, proteomics and biomarker discovery/validation services to independent investigators and research groups who need to generate high quality results at a competitive price and turn around time.

ITSIBIO will work with researchers from: Universities, Academic medical centers, Research institutes, Biotechnology companies and Pharmaceutical companies.

All projects are handled professionally and discreetly by senior and highly experienced scientists who constantly interact with the client via sophisticated web-based tools. The dedication and flexibility of the staff is unparalleled and the fact that ITSIBIO's approach is solutions-oriented means that all partners get the maximum possible return on investment.

Contact Information

Richard Somiari - President
Mailing Address:
633, Napoleon Street
Johnstown, PA, 15901

Tel: +1 (814) 262-7331
Fax: +1 (814) 262-7334

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