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Polymer, Plastics & Concrete Fiber Manufacturer.
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ABC Polymer Industries has been manufacturing concrete fibers since the mid-1990s under the name Alabama Bag Company and its roots date back to 1964, in a company called Allied Flexible Products. ABC Polymer Industries continues today to be a leading producer of a wide range of extruded polypropylene products, as well as a distributor of bulk bags and other industrial packaging products. Several of our employees have worked in this facility for over 30 years and their expertise in all facets of polypropylene extrusion is a major part of our success today. We strive to provide quality and affordable products that meet the applicable industry codes and standards.

Maintaining Constant Relationships with Our Customers
In order to meet this goal, we maintain a constant relationship with our customers, the engineering community, as well as the codes and standards groups. We are proud of our internal quality control program, which ensures that the products we ship meet or exceed the industry standards. We work aggressively to develop new products that meet the more advanced needs of the industry, as our knowledge of Fiber Reinforced Concrete progresses. We stand by our testing program, which utilizes both commercial and university laboratories. Data generated from these testing programs are used when promoting our products to the engineering community, and specifying agencies. We work to provide educational programs focused on the state-of-the-art use of Fiber Reinforced Concrete.

Consistency & On Time Delivery
ABC Polymer Industries realizes that the customer depends on the consistency between what he or she orders and what is shipped to the job site. It is also imperative that an order be delivered in a timely manner since construction time tables directly affect the profitability of a project. Thus, the materials required for a specific facet of the project must be available when needed. Our system provides for quick assembly of an order, and the quickest, most reliable and cost-effective shipping method.

Our Goal is Efficiency, Quality Control and Customer Service
Our goal is to conduct business in the most efficient way possible, with quality control and customer service as our touchstones. ABC Polymer Industries will work hard to obtain your business, but will work even harder to maintain your business.

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Allen Aubin
Mailing Address:
P O Box 580
Helena, AL 35080

Tel: +1 (205) 620-9889
Fax: +1 (205) 620-9882

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