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Masterpiece Consultants LLC
Specialize in Assisting Companies to Expand Market
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Masterpiece Consultants specialize in assisting companies to expand their markets through exporting.

Product Distribution Channels

You have found a product, tested it, and have gone into production.  At this point you are only 10% of the way home.  If you don’t believe this, walk into any factory, and you will see dozens of products that never reach one consumer because of deficiencies in marketing .  Masterpiece Consultants can eliminate your companys’ distribution problems by marketing your products through a variety of marketing channels. Market direct to the consumer – Market through the government – Market through distribution channels – Sales representatives – Wholesale – Market through foreign trade – Market through the specialty channels.  Diversification in marketing is the identifying factor of the successful manufacture. Masterpiece Consultants do not use just one marketing channel, we use many simultaneously.  No matter how good the product, it will not sell itself.

Global Trade

Global Trade is a vital part of any business looking to expand its’ markets.  Selling large quantities of merchandise is the goal of every manufacturer.  Before you can sell a lot of anything, you must know how to multiply yourself  and you must know how to locate every potential market for your product or service.  For example, you can make one sell to a single customer or you can sell through a department store who has thousands of customers, or you can sell through a sales representative  who sells to hundreds of wholesalers.  Masterpiece Consultants is your partner to all these markets, leading to global product distribution.

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Andre Cheeks - Owner
Mailing Address:
11054 Ventura Blvd. #207
Studio City, CA 91604

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