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Markex Global
Export Management, International Sales & Marketing
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Why Markex Global?

International expansion is a resource intensive decision. We have experience in researching and reporting information that are imperative for decision makers. Each country and the market for your product are very unique; presenting a wide range of questions that we are prepared to evaluate before entering that market.

How We Operate

Markex Global first concentrates on understanding your international expansion plans. We believe you have a better vision for your company’s future. Strong communication and mutual discernment is critical when building a relationship with our client. Our aim is to provide simple solutions to complex situations and issues. We maintain strong relationships with manufacturers, trade associations, logistics providers, business executives, government agencies, academics, various types of buyers, and other important individuals and organizations that support our efforts when helping our clients. Whether you need guidance on a specific market entry strategy, simply looking to find and secure distributor, or create a comprehensive sales team and support it overseas, we follow this model to generate consistent international success.

Our Process

    Visualize Your International Strategy: We like to comprehend and visualize your plans by understanding your product(s),operations, positioning, and how we can work with your team to develop a framework for success.
    Formulate an International Plan of Action: After a complete analysis of your company, we formulate the overarching strategy, and tactical components needed to ensure successful international expansion.
    Implementation with Results: We work with you on implementing the plan, adjusting and refining it along the way.
    Project Completion: Ensuring you maintain an agile and adaptable international plan going forward and managing risk accordingly.

Contact Information

Kasra Ferasat - Principal
Mailing Address:
13500 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90061

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