American Exports
American Exports


"American Exports has been of a tremendous help for us, a company with limited experience in exporting. Our business has increased thanks to American Exports.”

Antoine Debre - Energy Management Corp
Ontario - America
Business Category : Energy

"We’re a trading company, so we don’t manufacture. Thanks to American Exports, we’ve found so many new clients from all over the world.”

Shayne Bishop - MAPCO Trading Company
PEI - America
Business Category : Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

"We’d like to thank you for all the leads you’ve generated. American Exports is a dream come true.”

Mark Brown - Mazen Controls
Nova Scotia - America
Business Category : Industrial

"As a small business, American Exports Magazine has been the best help we could have ever dreamed of. We will definitely continue advertising with them.”

Oliver Ryan - Maurine Home Automation
Quebec - America
Business Category : Control & Automation

"It’s amazing how many inquiries we’ve received from all over the world. The business American Exports Magazine has generated for us has been simply amazing.”

Stefania Marshal - Johnson AutoServ Inc
Ontarion - America
Business Category :

"I can’t believe we didn’t had an Export Promotion Tool before. We wasted so much time.”

Robert Larsen - Rimouski Exporting Inc
Business Category : Control & Automation

"Advertising with American Exports Inc. has been the best decision we’ve made in the past decade. Such a small investment that has generated so many inquiries.”

Nicolas Powell - Nicolas Import & Export Inc.
Alberta - America
Business Category : Healthcare & Social Assistance

"Everything went smooth. American businesses are very professional.”

Monther Al Khoffash - Arabian Peninsula
Doha - Qatar
Business Category : Medical, Laboratory & Scientific

"I expect American exporting to grow and develop as a business because of companies like American Exports.”

Jack Tabba'a - Al Rostamani Group
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Business Category : Automotive & Aviation

"We can't believe that all of American Exports’ assistance was free-of-charge.”

Raed Keswany - Taha Supplies
Kuwait - Kuwait
Business Category : Oil and Gas

"Of course we will do more business with America!”

Helen Tirana - Hamoud Chem.
Stockholm - Sweden
Business Category : Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

“We were very happy with the quality of the American products we received. American Exports has opened a new source of income for us."

Raghunath Singh - Javed Trading Company
Mumbai - India
Business Category : Metalworking & Metallurgy

“We have made many purchases from the clients you identified to us."

Yury terekhov - Yarky Tvet
Volgagrad - Russia
Business Category : Furniture: Residential & Commercial

“Thank you for helping our delegation during their recent visit to America. They spoke very highly of American Exports."

Majed Abu Nawwar - Aberdeen Engineering LLC
Jeddah - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Business Category : Industrial

“Thank you American Exports. Americans are the best!"

Fuad Ferro - Rashad Spare Parts Co
Amman - Jordan
Business Category : Industrial

American Exports saved us time and money."

Bilal Shaik - Absolute Best
Houston - USA
Business Category : Furniture: Residential & Commercial

“American Exports has made our life easier. They’ve even recommended specific suppliers for us."

Ahmed Kawadreh - Raneem Vending
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Business Category : Machines & Machinery

“American Exports goes the extra mile, using their personal contacts to help my business.”

Stephan Wayne - Shade General Trading
Business Category : Medical, Laboratory & Scientific

“What I like most is the service we get from American Exports every time we call to ask about exporting. You are very professional.”

John Nantais - Hill Technologies
Business Category : Information Technology

“Our ad in American Exports Magazine generated inquiries from all over the world.”

Martin Shah - Jilany Commercial Services Inc
Saskatchewan - America
Business Category : Business Services

“Would we recommend American Exports Magazine? Absolutely.”

Eddy Scott - Joudeh Trading Inc
Business Category : Marine

“We had contacted a few advertising agencies and marketing consultants in some countries, but their rates were far beyond our budget. Having tried American Exports Magazine for few months, it has exceeded our highest expectations.”

Robert David - Zeith Plastics
British Columbia - America
Business Category : Plastics & Rubber

“Let me be honest here, when we advertised with you, I was skeptical. I mean, we had tried all kinds of advertising. Now, I can say I love it.”

Jordan Rosenweig - Shaw Enterprises
Business Category : Construction: Public & Private

“We never thought the return on our investment would be so high.”

David Mizrahi - Costar Solutions
Business Category : Business Services

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