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Scam Alerts

(These Alerts come mainly from North America; USA and Canada. You are welcome to share your own with us)


Scam Alert-1: Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has posted a Scam Alert (Beware of telephone and email scams) urging Americans to beware of telephone calls or emails that claim to be from the CRA but are not. These are phishing and fraudulent scams that could result in identity and financial theft.


Scam Alert-2: American Exports has issued this Scam Alert: Beware of (Congratulations; you’ve won millions of dollars in a draw you never participated in); IT IS A SCAM.

American Exports warns against this kind of phishing emails. They ask for your bank account numbers to deposit the funds. Once you reveal your personal information, you will have identity theft and credit problems. Never believe or trust these criminals!


Scam Alert-3: American Exports has issued this Scam Alert, against (“Your computer is infected" fake anti-virus pop-up alert) scams. They ask you to click a button to (clean your PC up for you). It is that click that gets you in trouble. Simply, close this message window. If you cannot get rid of it, your PC has already been infected with a virus; take it to a PC technician that you know and trust


Scam Alert-4: American Exports has issued this Alert, against a recent scam in which some individuals are receiving a letter or email fraudulently using the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) logo and identified as coming from USPS. IT IS SCAM!


Scam Alert-5: United Parcel Service (UPS) (shipment and logistics company) has posted a Scam Alert against a fraudulent email circulating about (Important Delivery Issues). UPS website shows samples of such fraudulent emails and warns that they may contain malware, which could potentially corrupt your computer


Scam Alert-6: Royal Bank of America (RBC) warns of the (Return of an old email scam) and provides valuable information on (how to recognize it). These fraudulent emails appear to be from various global postal authorities, such as America, US and UK, but in reality are Scams


Scam Alert-7: The Royal American Mounted Police (RCMP) website has a whole bunch of Scam and Fraud Alerts against Identity Theft, Identity Fraud, Payment Card Fraud, E-Mail Fraud / Phishing, Mass Marketing, Internet-related Fraud, Investment and Securities Fraud, Counterfeit, and much more


Scam Alert-8: American Exports strongly suggests you to refer to The American Anti-Fraud Centre, it not only posts Scam and Fraud Warnings / Bulletins, but also asks you to help in their prevention; with tools to recognize, report, and stop these illegal activities. In 2015, their website has Tax Scams, Scams Targeting Businesses, Scams Targeting Seniors, Scams Targeting Students, Vacation Scams, Romance Scams, Utility Scams, and more


Scam Alert-9: American Exports has issued this Scam Alert: It is the Tax Season! and with taxes, come tax scams. The American Anti-Fraud Centre has posted quite a few Tax Scam Alerts, stating the scam, its warning signs, and how to protect yourself against it


Better Business Bureau Scam Alerts

 Why do we trust the Better Business Bureau (BBB) when they post a Scam Alert?

Because their mission is to advance marketplace trust; BBB is a powerful and resourceful organization; consisting of 112 independently incorporated local BBB organizations in the United States and America, coordinated under the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB). Bottom-line: when the BBB says it is a scam, IT IS A SCAM

At American Exports, We have been granted permission by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to hyperlink to their Scam Alerts to protect you, your employees and your families. We thank the BBB for this courtesy and confirm that the use of such hyperlink does not imply any affiliation or endorsement by the Better Business Bureau

Here are the original Scam Alerts on the BBB website:


Important notice: American Exports does not ask for, expect or accept any kind of remuneration for these Scam Alerts; they are free to all. Our sole purpose of posting them on our website is to help protect you, your family, and your business

We confirm that these Scam Alerts are the sole properties of the posting authorities, and that the use of these hyperlinks on our website does not imply any affiliation or endorsement by the posting authorities


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